Ken Steinnerd Fine Art

All of my life I have been blessed by living in areas with inspiring natural beauty and exhilarating history. I grew up in Lemay, Missouri at Jefferson Barracks, the oldest military institution west of the Mississippi River. In my youth I explored the banks of the Mississippi River and Jefferson Barracks developing an admiration for its beauty, strength and history. St. Louis is the Gateway to the West and its museums are filled with stirring art illustrating the adventurous life of mountain men, explorers, and settlers in the west. I was and continue to be influenced by how history and nature are recorded in art.

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After college and getting married my wife Jana and I moved to Alaska where we have lived for 35 years. Alaska, our nation’s Last Frontier, has to be one of the most striking places on the face of the earth and is rich in history beginning with the earliest explorers thousands of years ago. While in Alaska I began painting professionally, inspired by the expansive landscapes and drastic changes of the seasons. The immense size and distances encountered in Alaska, coupled with tallest mountains in North America, continue to be challenges to Alaska’s natives, miners, trappers, and settlers. It is Alaska’s stunning geographical challenges of exploration, travel and settling that fill the imaginations of residents, visitors, and artists to this day. Alaska is truly inspirational on every level to an artist.

I believe in everyone’s life there is a time when the call for a new adventure beckons. It was this call to the southwest that brought us to New Mexico, a New Frontier and adventure for me. I have now begun again in New Mexico to explore stunning landscapes and paint with the same passion I first discovered in Missouri, developed in Alaska, and will now further enrich in New Mexico. Whether exploring picturesque villages or the countryside I love to search for and capture in art the images of the past by those who dared to explore centuries before. History, nature, and the love of adventure are the driving influences in my choices of places to paint, live, recreate, and explore. It is not just the desire to experience the bounty of nature coupled with exploration and history that inspire me to record the experiences with paint. I have been and continue to be most inspired by my fellow artists past and present. It is the world seen through the eyes, hands and brushes of artists that inspire me to challenge myself by painting.

I have taken art instruction from fellow artists and teachers throughout my life in Missouri and Alaska and this continues in New Mexico. Learning is a life long adventure. I am amazed and inspired by so many talented artists and I hope my artistic interpretation of the southwest will have the same impact on others as it has on me.