Ken Steinnerd Fine Art

Salt River Roan
Salt River Roan - Print
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Edition Size 75 - $100.00
Print Size - 9½ x 13.6"

A dear friend John Drews took the photograph of this wild horse on the Salt River in Mesa, AZ. Evidence indicates that wild horses have been living on the lower Salt River since well before the Tonto National Forest was created in 1902. It is believed that the herd is descended from the Spanish horses brought to Arizona by Spanish missionary Father Eusebio Kino in the 1600’s.

The Filly
The Filly - Print
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Edition Size 75 - $6 0.00
Print Size - 7.6" x 10½"

Horses are a common theme in my paintings and a life long passion for me. I have owned and enjoyed horses since the early 80s and rode as often as possible as a teenager. I believe I have gotten my passion for horses from my material grandfather who farmed with horses and was in the US Cavalry during World War 1.